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About Us

The domino provides a powerful symbol for transracial adoption--striking spots of color on a bright white background. Typically, transracially adopted children of color grow up in mostly white neighborhoods. Dearly beloved by family and friends, these children become visual symbols of diversity in their neighborhoods while also experiencing little racial support and knowledge of what it means to be a person of color. Much like a row of dominoes where tipping one makes all the others fall into place, we aim to bring families, supporters, and providers of adoption together in support of our children.

We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable foundation that provides educational and informative workshops for prospective and transracial adoptive parents, as well as a range of social activities for parents, siblings, and transracially adopted children alike. Examples of these include a guest speaker series, a multicultural story time, and family outings. We also travel and present at adoption conferences in several of the Western states.

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Curtis & Melody Linton

Founders of Domino Foundation

Linton Family

Top: Dominic, Maya
Bottom: Curtis, Melody

Curtis Linton is Vice President and co-owner of School Improvement Network. He has written multiple books about racial equity and education, including co-authoring the best-selling and award-winning book Courageous Conversation about Race. He works extensively both professionally and in the community to address inequities within public schools across the country. Curtis has worked with FSA for several years and co-founded with his wife, Melody, the Domino Foundation. He and Melody completed their family through transracial adoption and have two wonderful children, Dominic and Maya.

Melody Linton is a mother of two and a teacher of many. Prior to the Domino Foundation, Melody loved being a teacher of 8-12 year olds in downtown Los Angeles and supported teachers in their professional development at the School Improvement Network. She received her bachelor’s degree from BYU-Hawaii. Melody passionately enjoys exploring her children’s rich transracial heritage. In her life, Melody loves traveling and experiencing new adventures with her family and friends. She also loves reading, watching movies, playing tennis, doing Pilates, home decorating--and she especially loves her friendships!